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Turnbridge Manor Rental/Lease waitlist
Turnbridge Homeowners, 

Though we have reached our rental cap, we completely empathize with your desire to lease your home. We invite you to add your name and pertinent information below, and you will be added to the waitlist for an opportunity to lease your home once there is an opening. Once the opportunity arises, and your name is next in line, we will contact you via email and/or phone. Please be sure to provide an accurate email address and phone number at which you can be reached. We will attempt to reach you at the number and/or email you provided twice and allow you a 30 day response time frame from the time of contact, before moving on to the next homeowner on the list. Once you have the opportunity to lease, you are required to send a copy of the lease information and rental form to your community manager at within 10 days of execution of the lease, and pay the rental fee of [$100]  Please note that when you are attempting to lease,  you are agreeing to follow the Turnbridge Leasing Policy. You can find the leasing policy here

Thank you for your patience and understanding,